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While Google is the market leader in search engines, Bing Ads, which provides click tool pay per click, still accounts for a significant share of the market. So if your business advertises only on Google, then about 17% of the search engine market on Bing is missing!

Whether you're just starting with Bing Ads or looking to finally tune your existing campaign, Blue Corona's PPC specialists are ready to help you in all aspects of your management of Bing Ads – from tracking setup and content creation and much more.

Bing ads are a great way for searchers that do not use Google to generate lead and traffic for your business. The amount that you pay to reach millions of target customers is much lower when you still produce a significant amount of advertising. There are fewer advertisers.

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Types of Bing Ads and Features

Bing provides your company with standard text ads. Search ads show when a Bing keyword is looked for and the ad displays above, below and on the organic search listings side. Search ads show.

Bing also offers content ads that give your ads a little greater flexibility and reach. An audience that views Yahoo's, Microsoft's, or other partners ' websites may view your content publications.

Product ads are another feature Bing offers. Product ads can show your products through images, text, prices and your company name to the Bing search results page. This is a great resource to create more results and sales for retailers or electronic commerce websites.

With Bing Ads, you can easily target your customers based on:

  • Where they are located
  • What device they are using
  • Demographics
  • Time of day

This allows you to generate more qualified clicks and thus more qualified guidelines for your business by restricting the way you target your ads.

Why Choose TFG for Your Bing Ads Campaign?

TFG has an experienced team of dedicated PPC experts who develop and optimize Bing Ad campaigns in a wide range of industries. In cooperation with an Account Manager, our PPC Specialists learn all the aspects of a customer's business model, including:

  • The client’s sales funnel
  • The lead to sale ratio
  • The visit to lead ratio
  • Margins of profit for every sold product and service

Our understanding of the sales funnel of the customer is used for proper bidding and optimal cost per lead. In combination with many years of expert PPC management, our wish to make the business of the client our own is an economically viable advertising with enormous reach and potential.

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