What is Content Creation?

The creation of contents is the process to identify a new theme, decide what form to take, formalize your strategy (word of a keyword or otherwise) and then produce it in practice. Moreover, most processes for creating content involve thorough edits with other parties concerned before content is published.

Content is not as simple as it may seem, as contents can take many forms — blog postings, videos, e-books, tweets, infographics, commercials, to give a few. However, it can have a real impact on your business. Recent research shows that building quality educational content increases the likelihood of customers buying 131% from their business.

The creation of great content begins with a proven process. We will go from beginning to finish through the content creation process, showing how creating great content can help your public and customers find solutions and answers to their problems. So where are we beginning?

How to Generate Content Ideas ?

  • Find opportunities through keyword research. Keyword research is an excellent way to find out how you talk to your audience. Furthermore, keyword research can help you discover new content opportunities that you have perhaps not considered yourself.
  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. As a marketer, you must understand your customer first. So, think about what your customer may find attractive, interesting or helpful when you look for new ideas. Explore how your content strategy can work with these ideas. In your areas of expertise, you can check sites like Quora for information on the subjects people ask about.
  • Solicit customer feedback. It can sound like a simple way of getting an idea to ask your customers but there are often unanswered questions about your product or space. To create content about these questions will affect your existing customers directly and meaningfully.
  • Investigate what your competition is writing about. As a creator of your content, you should always be aware of the subjects that your named and unnamed competitors write about. Understanding how your contestants approach a theme will help you distinguish the voice, approach and content of your brand, identify differences in your content strategy and help your content to distinguish itself in the sales process.


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