What is Google Adwords ?

AdWords is a powerful tool which reaches hundreds of millions of audiences. It's pretty beneficial. But it's complex, too, has a lot of moveable parts and fierce competition between your business and others. This field is a science and an art which only a PPC manager of world class can deal with. We have it down, lucky for you!

Some Tactics of Google Adwords:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
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Make your paid marketing campaigns successful with Google AdWords professionals

We use Google AdWords (now Google Ads) to manage the keywords to conduct translations to your website (buys, leads, goals). Extensive keyword research helps us to determine the most cost-effective way to obtain competent customers who look for exactly what you offer. We develop efficient paid search campaigns through a range of research tools and techniques to achieve your target sales or lead costs. You'll help very interested buyers to find your website by investing in Google AdWords that won't necessarily find it organically through techniques of search engine optimisation.

Solid Foundation Keyword Research

The foundation for a successful campaign is to determine the best keyword(s) to apply. Our extensive research into keywords and competitors helps us to determine the keywords which can offer the best ROI.

Campaign Analysis Competitor

Understanding how your competitors set up Google AdWords could provide an enormous competitive advantage. We'll tell you about their offers, their spending and their landing pages.

Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation

We will configure, copy ads and configure all settings in your adwords campaign. Multiple ad variations to achieve the maximum possible conversion rates are created and modified.

Design and development of the landing page

We can lead you in the right direction and implement a highly convertable landing pages without the need for third party involvement with a full in-house Design and Development Team.

Monthly and detailed reporting

We will give you a detailed report each month on what has been done and what the plan is for the next month. Our team and yours will also be scheduled for a review call.

How does AdWords campaign management work?

  • Paid Campaign Analysis & Implementation: We will analyze historical data with an established AdWords account so that what works best and tailor other components to perform in a similar way. In order to align with our objectives, we shall then change our bids options, keywords, ad text and destination links.
  • Conversion Tracking & ROI Analysis: Our reports show that keywords produce and do not produce leads or sales. We monitor this to ensure that we focus on the keywords that work best and focus on particular sentences.
  • Search Network Advertising: We monitor your search network ads and the progress of them to adjust larger ads and keywords to best reflect the traffic on your website.
  • Ad Variation & Testing: Multiple announcements are tested by using A / B test methods to identify which ads are the most suitable for clicking and converting. We will also create landing pages, copy changes and tests that work best.
  • Monthly Maintenance: Each month, all aspects of the account are examined to find out which areas can be improved and to ensure that the campaign works smoothly. Negative keywords and keyword changes to improve the results constantly.

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