What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the way people (leaders) are found that will likely soon or in future become your customers. Finding people involves finding information about individuals, such as their names, email IDs, or the name of an organisation, that you can use to start an affair with. Depending on your resources, you could produce organic leads and/or spend money.

When you meet 50 people during a conference, ask them and they share their e - mail ID with you, it is a lead generation example.

If your website visitor completes the registration form, it is also lead generation. Or say you've posted on social media regarding your product/service. A visitor leaves a comment and expresses interest in your company. This is the lead generation as well.

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6 ways to generate sales leads online

The relevance of a lead is one of the toughest things about lead generation. A website visitor who completes your registration form may be a competitor who tries to test your product. They are technically a lead, but you won't do business with them.

Content marketing

Create and distribute primarily educational and non - commercial content. In various formats, content can be produced: infographics, blogs, video, case studies, white papers.

Social media

Each social media platform can be a valuable lead generation channel depending on your business. For B2C, the following are essential Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn ; LinkedIn is basic to the B2B.


By email, you can start your individual conversation with your recipient, share a blog, invite them for a webinar, provide them with updates on a product or offer a discount.


Webinars need to share an email ID that makes it an ideal leading gene activity. A brand can be built around your business with timely webinars with relevant subjects and quality speakers.

PPC (pay-per-click) ads

The visitor can access a landing page that collects information from the lead by clicking on a PPC ad. PPC ads work because they contain keywords that are relevant to your audience, and appear on Google's first page.

Display ads

Display ads are also known as banner ads, like digital printed ads. In display ads, crisp copy, convincing CTA (Call - to - Action), images, and animation are effective elements.

Our Lead Generation Services Includes

  • List Scrubbing: TFG is developing an efficient strategy to expose companies qualified for your product or service. Then we will provide you with a complete list of qualified prospects to follow up or to participate in a B2B appointment campaign.
  • Scripts : We consider the development of scripts to be crucial to the success of the lead generation campaign for our client. We develop a brief and powerful script based on your value proposal, success stories, goals, and qualification criteria with our clients.
  • Training Program: TFG will develop a program to teach our sales agent about their products and their value proposal, to review them and evaluate them.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities: We provide robust reporting and monitoring capabilities for our customers. TFG will produce custom reports that will provide our customers with necessary data to monitor their campaign to generate leads.
  • Top Performing Sales Professionals: The best performers are our sales professionals. They must complete a strict application and interview process before becoming a TFG sales officer. Our officers are strong in business and know how to create competent guidelines.

How we help Businesses succeed

Complete multi-channel Lead Management and Automation platform

  • Award of Contract: Calling, Email Marketing and LEad Nurturing can begin within 2 weeks
  • Kick-off Meeting: You discuss campaign details with your TFG
  • Script and Sales collateral: We prepare your call script, FAQs, email copy, brochures and landing pages.
  • Product Training: We start training your rep(s) 1 day after you approve the script
  • Start of campaign: We start call, email and social media activites within 7 days of database Approval.
  • Lead Nurturing: We nurture leads via marketing automation until they are sales-ready
  • Weekly Campaign Reporting: Via TFG and campaing status report via email.

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