What is Sales Outsourcing?

Sales outsourcing can provide companies with a good way of enhancing lead generation and sales without investing in boarding and full - time sales representatives. Important things must be considered before outsourcing sales, including product/ service familiarity, your business model and the views of your company on cold calls are taken into consideration.

In general, sales outsourcing is not new. However, many companies are still very careful and unwilling to entrust a core business activity such as creating new businesses to a third party. There is an ongoing debate - outsourcing or not outsourcing. There are dedicated supporters from both opinions.

  • In-Store Demonstrators
  • Secondary Sales Management
  • Retail & Distribution Channel Expansion
  • Shared Sales Manpower
  • E-Commerce Seller On-boarding

Our Sales Outsourcing Services Include?

TFG is a sales and marketing company specialized in the field. Our expertise and processes in sales and marketing program management, integrated with our sales recruitment services, field strength training & software for sales force automation, help us differentiate ourselves from all - intentioned personnel and deliver best performance and high ROI sales and marketing programs in the industry.

Hiring Field Resources

With TFG well distributed professional recruitment services and a proprietary database, we can fit professional sales experts to the project perfectly. Our processes to test key necessary skills online and proved templates for interviews help us to select the best professionals to be able to work.

Training Automation

TracknTrain helps to ensure that resources are deployed when they are qualified in a sophisticated manner with content for holistically designing resources and an online evaluation. Regular updates and product information can be continuously learned and improved throughout the team, even after deployment.

Reporting Automation

Our automation of sales force technology enables us to monitor locations in real - time, manage costs, boost orders for secondary and tertiary sales, report reports, attendance of sales professionals for all sales outsourcing programs. It receives every metric of the program on our customers ' dashboard.

Sales Force Automation

TFG has developed a range of tried and tested HR management practices for field sales, for example, inventory management, interaction with customers, efficient beat planning and more, and has worked with some of the world's leading companies to produce high productivity and low attrition.

Field Sales Executives

TFG is expert in the use of Feet on Street (FOS) in activities like primary and secondary distribution channel sales, direct sales for telecommunications and insurance and services industries, as well as in field activities like retail and market mapping, channel growth, network development and so on.

B2B Sales Professionals

Long-cycle B2B sales needs highly qualified sales professionals with the ability to engage stakeholders across client hierarchies, develop presentations and proposals, and manage deal pipelines. The ability of TFG to recruit quality sellers in India and its expertise in the management of complex sales processes using industry standard CRM solutions allows us to implement great B2B sales programs.

Value Proposition

  • Face-to-face marketing: We have developed a comprehensive sales campaign framework which has proven to be the most economical chanel in the marketing mix time and time again. Ongoing support and product coaching are available to our teams of professionals.
  • Direct sales of products and services: We are proud of the fact that we generate billions in revenues annually, as one of the sales outsourcing companies in India offers many services. Our service enables firms to talk directly to potential customers in their homes, workplaces, shops and at private and public sites.
  • Customer acquisition: With over 400 field representatives in 32 cities we are today one of the largest and most successful sales and marketing companies in India, and are specialized in customer acquisition in major sectors of the industry.

Why Choose us for Sales Outsourcing services?

  • Recruitment Capability: Professionals in the hiring and own data base of TFG allow us access to professionals who are difficult to find on the ground. Our online assessment processes and proven interview templates help us select the best professionals for the job.
  • Technology Driven: On all sales outsourcing programs, TFG employs mobile app sales force automation technology. The state of the art technology platform allows us to manage sales professionals to deliver our customers high productivity and seamless results.
  • Operational Processes: Working with some of the world's leading companies for over 10 years, TFG has developed and deployed tried and tested processes for various aspects for field sales such as inventory management, customer interaction steps, efficient beat planning etc.
  • HR Expertise: In addition to providing retail revenue, TFG's best practices in human resources management throughout the working life of employees are aimed at ensuring a high level of employee satisfaction - resulting in high productivity and low attrition.

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