Why Video ?

YouTube is the world's second most important search engine. Let's make good use of it. Video is a powerful tool to generate Internet traffic, as video is preferred by many consumers over text. Videos also help you to classify your search engine content more.

Video Optimization Services

A optimized video will give you the best opportunity to rank in a search engine. Forrester Research says that ranking a video in the Google search results is 53 times easier than classifying a webpage, and we can help you take the opportunity to get your message across to an enormous, content-hungry crowd. This is a great opportunity.

Consider certain of the following statistics:

  • Google is the world’s largest search engine, 67% of all online searches are through Google & 94% of all mobile and tablet searches are through Google
  • Youtube, which is owned by none other than Google, is the second largest search engine. Over 91 per cent of the videos returned from YouTube via a Google search.

How TFG can help your business grow with video

Video Optimization

Optimize your existing videos and video channels. Our seo services from Youtube will put your content quickly! A simple game plan can go a long way with implementation. Ask us today for the services of our YouTube video seo.

Video Promotion

Promote your videos with Facebook or YouTube advertising. We know how to reach your target niche, whether you want to promote your Youtube video on Facebook, Youtube or facebook.

Video SEO Audit

Get your channel and/or videos audited. Check out how your content currently stacks up best practices in the industry. See how you compare your niche with your major competitors.

Video Consulting

Get trained on how your channel or videos can be improved. During simple consultations, we have helped dozens of companies improve their strategies and their channels.

Video Production

You need more videos for your brand or business. For your marketing and your website, we can produce high-quality videos. See a few of the following video styles.

Video Planning

We can support your channel and videos in designing and developing them. A small amount of planning can help you boost your perspectives, subscribers or increasing your brand engagement.

Effective Video Optimization

In the eyes of the search engines, a video that is not fully optimized has little value. Without some specific help, Google can't tell what your video really is about. No matter how good your camera shots are, how beautiful the soundtrack is, or how perfect the sales pitch is–the world will never find your masterpiece without the proper optimisation.

We can ensure that your videos are always uploaded with the correct information so that you can find the right information from your target audience and can start to build a loyal audience.

Many views that people receive on YouTube come from current subscribers ' initial explosions of view. If you don't have hundreds of thousands of subscribers or have no contact with major social media personalities, the scale of your video may be the first few views.

It is more than a good title and description to optimize a video. The strategy combines the content, data and viewership of your content. At TFG, we know how to compete and create a memorable impression on your videos. We are a company of video SEO, that's "good!”

An Experienced Video Marketing Agency

Contact us or request a proposal for a complete range of our video Marketing services, but here are some of our best-known services.

  • YouTube Optimization Services: From video production to brand management we can consult you on stragtegy. From channel design to thumbnail creation, we offer everything.
  • Video Promotion on Facebook: Let's say that on Facebook, we are able to promote a YouTube video. We have Facebook advertising specialists who can point your video to your target audience. Recently, Facebook reported that more than 100 million hours of video are consumed daily.
  • Video Infographic: Take the next level of your infographic. Show your incredible statistics and data with video in an exciting manner. This is great viral parts and works fine with social marketing like Facebook Ads
  • Tutorial Video: Tutorial videos help your customers to understand the nature and performance of your product. They are very effective when you make your customers expert and loyal to your brand.

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