Website Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance service includes small content updating, bug fixing, troubleshooting, critically modified security updates, SSL installation, module configuration, version upgrade installation, and much more.

Our years of expertise, well-defined process, and innovative work approach has helped clients to increase their customer base and trust. Our key to success is building a long-term business relationship with our valued customers that go beyond one-time project.

We have a small and expert team of professionals on hand to take on any challenges and responsibilities to keep your website functioning efficiently and efficiently, so that you can save time and concentrate on what is important to you.

We offer a complete website support and maintenance solutions covering all of your bases, whether you are a start-up or a small business, enterprise or a large company.

Benefits of Regular Website Maintenance

Attract New Visitors

One of the key elements of new content is to drive your website with new traffic. Stale, obsolete content will make people quickly jump off your website. You can share the content with social media and other sources when you are updating the content.

Satisfy Existing Customers

Your current customers are satisfied by a website with the right elements. If you like, you will view and share your new content. You build a loyal audience when you get people to sign up and check it out often.

Boost Search Engine Rankings

The fact that it is indexed by search engines is a further important element of website updates. The algorithm of the search engines likes new content, which is higher in terms of new content on your website.

How we Do it?

It is not just a case of creating good websites and websites, but of keeping them updated and fresh. Most firms treat creation of Websites as an old business without really worrying about keeping the website up to date, fresh and strong. Our content management and support team knows how to help you. We use resources to increase your investment in the creation of your web assets. Nobody likes a stale, up-to-date website. Don’t sit on one.

Our reliable (and certainly affordable) maintenance services on the website are the best in the industry. Managed by a dedicated Website maintenance team, we keep your website up to date on everything else relevant to the maximum returns from your website, such as company, brands, goods and services, news, events, awards, locations and contacts.

  • Site Implementation
  • User Testing Across Browsers
  • Maintenance Training
  • Website goes Live

Why TFG for Website Maintenance Service?

  • Instant website updates (depending on maintenance task, within 1 working day)
  • Virus, Bugs and browser incompatibility removal
  • Monthly backup of websites and databases (varies on large and eCommerce sites)
  • Monthly visitor report of the website
  • Verify that all forms work properly and receive inquiry emails.
  • Check for any broken link on the website
  • Identify and resolve error 404 and forward it to a working URL
  • Performance of periodic website monitoring
  • Performance monitoring of the server
  • Support (Email / Phone)
  • Suggestions & Site Consultation or design aspects

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